• Service Name

    Consistently delivering a robust and flawless software solutions.

    We are into rapid custom development of standalone, distributed and web-based applications development to meet your Company’s specific requirements and business needs. We implement approaches that allow us to complete successful projects, and deliver solutions that thrill customers. We have experience with working with wide variety of customers, from individuals to medium and large companies.

    Primary Strengths & expertise:

    Design and development of corporate and complex information portals, web sites, ecommerce systems; Custom development of Windows and UNIX applications, distributed, multi-tier, client/server solutions; Development of SMS / GPRS applications, including premium-rate SMS, applications for mobile devices, WAP applications.

    Application Development Features:

    The correct technology selection, delivered, to solve clients’ biggest business challenges. We always stand to words once committed for whatever application needs to be developed, our clients can always rely on us for Fast Time to stand in Market First, for customers to get innovative solutions in deployment faster. Clients benefit from our delivery model that focuses on our expert resources both in the Technical and Functional areas in relevant Industries. Cost-Effective Solutions which results in little impact on Cost, Quality and Time by optimized usage of resources on productivity and profit.

  • Service Name

    Kiosk Software Development

    Kiosk development and design is a dedicated service. The perception of user interfaces are increasingly converging to the interface of Touch screens choice where self check in is the goal.

    To put in place the accurate needs of our customers, our team of highly practised and gifted kiosk software developers, programmers, designers and multimedia professionals offer on demand kiosk software and application development services. In our understanding, every kiosk application project is distinctive and we suggest multiple solutions in an active application framework.

  • Service Name

    ERP Development

    ERP is the answer that will make things simpler your business. It centrally gathers data of financial, manufacturing, supply chain details, sales & marketing, project management status, human resource records and such streams of an Organization and makes it easy to integrate them.

    The convergence of different data streams also improves efficiency. This results in a clearer picture as to where the fault lies. Once it is identified, rectification measures can be implemented.

    As it stores the information centrally, it becomes straight forward to pull out job-specific information to make up to date, secured decisions; a wide range of analytical and reporting tools can help you expand insight into business performance.

    It improves quick set up and customization of your system to meet your current needs. It also adjusts easily to changing demands by adding functionality, custom applications, and online business capabilities.

We are innovative, creative professionals and of course affordable.